Do This One Simple Trick to Lower Your Energy Bills for Your Home

We had the pleasure of having an entry in the recent Parade of Luxury Homes in Evergreen Colorado, and our home was by far the largest on the tour. Many people remarked at the size of the home and questioned what it took to heat and cool a mansion of this magnitude.

Sustainable Luxury Home Exterior Night

The home is over 14,000 square feet of heated space with 10,000 square feet of cooled space. The design was for an ultra high performance thermal envelope, state-of-the-art mechanical systems, and a 10kw photovoltaic system cleverly hidden on the roof (not visible from any vantage point on the property). The results? An annual average gas and electricity bill of $302.75. Seriously. And we have the Xcel bills to back it up. This is half the cost of most homes that are half the size!

Sustainable Luxury Home Aerial

So, what is that one simple trick? Hire EVstudio to design your home. Seriously. Sustainability is a high value of ours and with a fully integrated engineering team on our staff, designing buildings that perform is one of our hallmarks. We would love to talk to you about your next project, residential or commercial, new or renovation, to see how we can save you literally thousands on your annual energy costs.


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2 thoughts on “Do This One Simple Trick to Lower Your Energy Bills for Your Home”

  1. Jere, thank you for your comment. I’m unclear though about your question- are you looking to design a new 2800 sq.ft. home? If it’s already built, then many of the design opportunities may have been missed. Though renovations and updates intended to improve your efficiency could be well justified. Just let us know what you have in mind.

  2. What a fantastic setup in that 14,000 sq ft home. I had to read twice about the utilities cost.
    I doubt that my 2800 sq ft town home qualifies for your evaluation, but I thought I would ask.
    We average about $220/month for 3 util’s : elec, gas and water. We’re located in the Briargate area of CO Sprgs.
    Just let me know, and thanks., Jere Ford

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