Does IBC Allow Stairway Exception on Private Stairways

Does the IBC allow the old UBC 3306 (c) Exception of 8″ max rise & 9″ min run, for  “private stairways serving an occupancy load of less than 10?The design situation is a small retail store (Lubbock, Texas), owner access only, to a second story storage loft…Would appreciate your wisdom – Richard

Richard, unfortunately, the answer is no. There are only 5 exceptions to the 7 inch maximum rise and 11 inch minimum tread depth:
  • Alternating tread devices
  • Spiral stairs
  • Aisle stairs where the sightlines dictate steeper slope
  • R-3 stairs in dwelling units can go to 7.75 inch maximum rise and 10 minimum depth
  • Replacement of existing stairs where the space or construction will not allow it

Thanks for the question.


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