Energize Denver Program Overview

Energize Denver: Energy Efficiency in Large Buildings

Energize Denver is a program started by the City of Denver in 2017. The Benchmarking Ordinance program looks to measure and monitor building energy use because and per the City of Denver, “you can’t reduce what you don’t measure.”

Graph of properties covered under an energy benchmarking ordnance by City


Buildings over 25,000 sq. ft. located in the City and County of Denver will now be required to submit annual reports regarding building energy use. Building energy use is summarized in an annual report, and an interactive map of data is available online. This will allow building owners, tenants, potential buyers, and everybody else the access to information to make informed decisions to reduce energy consumption. Other cities with similar policies have seen 2-3% energy savings by monitored buildings which have resulted in millions of dollars in savings.

This new measure is critical in meeting Denver’s 2020 Sustainability goal and reducing energy use in the future. It is estimated that by investing $340 million in building energy efficiency improvements, there could result in over one billion dollars in savings over ten years. All building owners should work to comply to help in reducing their individual environmental impacts. Even for buildings not able to participate in Energize Denver, it is always best practice to maintain an energy efficient building to lower operating costs.

Should you have any question regarding this new benchmarking contact our MEP Engineering department at design@evstudio.com.


Energize Denver Website

City of Denver’s information page

Building Rating’s National Information page


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