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DENVER, CO, August 3, 2017- EVstudio enthusiastically announces the expansion of the downtown office to Northwest Denver. On July 31st, 2017 EVstudio purchased the office building located at 5335 West 48th Street in the happily named Inspiration Point neighborhood.

EVstudio was originally the Architect and Engineer of record for Brue Baukol Capital Partners on a complete renovation of the building as a speculative investment. At the same time, EVstudio Principals Dean Dalvit and Sean O’Hara were coincidentally investigating the space needs for EVstudio as the company continues to expand in each of its architecture and engineering disciplines and they had recently sold their previous building at 1117 Cherokee Street in the Golden Triangle.

The result was the ultimate purchase of 5335 W. 48th St. from Brue Baukol Capital Partners and the beginning of The EVstudio Building dream.  “We had our vision for what the former Martischang building was to become, and we had every intention of moving forward with that plan, but when our architect EVstudio approached us and asked if we’d consider selling them the building, we decided that we could help EV find their new headquarters and at the same time meet our investment return parameters.  We wish them the best of luck in their new home!” – Dan Metzger, Senior Vice President with Brue Baukol Capital Partners

This move to a seven-story value-add office building, poses an exciting challenge and opportunity for EVstudio. They will be able to create a space where their many disciplines can expand, create and design while providing easy access from I-70 and inspiration from the breathtaking 360-degree views. The purchase from Brue Baukol Capital Partners also incorporated the infamous award winning local dive bar, The Squeeze Inn. Plans to resurrect The Squeeze Inn are underway, and this local amenity will be serving the community once more.


“We were very fortunate to have worked with such a great team at Brue Baukol and our contractor, The Augusta Group, on this transaction. It was a highly unconventional deal, but we were able to navigate its many twists and turns due in large part to the trust and integrity we shared with all involved. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome and the future for EVstudio and The EVstudio Building” – Dean Dalvit, Principal and Co-Founder with EVstudio

The EVstudio Building will go through a dramatic interior, and exterior remodel that will span several years as the building leases up and stabilizes. Interior construction has already begun and is the primary focus for the next 12 months. Working with such a large blank canvas will allow EVstudio designers to flex their creativity while adhering to the same building management complexities and constraints that their client’s experience. The EVstudio Building will provide a platform for design exploration and experimentation for the EVstudio team for the long-term future.

“EVstudio has grown quickly over the last 11 years, and we know that our space needs will continue to increase, so finding a value-add building with four times the space was perfect. We’ve found that the experience of working on our own real estate projects really accelerates our ability to work with our clients on theirs. We’ll miss our Golden Triangle location, but we see great things happening in our new neighborhood. “- Sean O’Hara, Principal and Co-Founder with EVstudio.

The EVstudio Building will also feature office leasing opportunities for other organizations that would be interested in space with easy highway access, close proximity to downtown Denver and being located in a highly creative space. Units from 250 sq.ft. to 8,000 sq.ft. are available and some initial concepts for a co-op creative space for part of the building have been explored. Any interested parties can contact leasing agent Dana Dalvit at 303-670-8360 or visit evstudiobuilding.com

EVstudio looks forward to settling into the new building around the end of September 2017. Until then, they can still be found at their current Denver address of 1117 Cherokee St. Denver, CO 80204.

For more information, please contact EVstudio at 303-670-7242 or email them at design@evstudio.com.



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