EVstudio can help you with your Manual J and Manual D calculations

Building jurisdictions across the country are in the process of adopting versions of the International Building Codes, and in both the 2006 and 2009 IBC, there are new requirements for providing heating and cooling loads calculated by using an approved calculation such as the ACCA Manual J. The Manual D accompanies the Manual J for Ducted HVAC systems and many jurisdictions also will require a Radiant tube design for hydronic systems as well as a Rescheck energy model for residential building or a Comcheck energy model for a commercial building.

These requirements are a part of the move to  build the energy code requirements into the permitting process, and many building departments are now requiring this level of documentation before they well release the building permit. While this is great for sustainabile design, it poses a real headache for owners or contractors who now have to chase down yet more information from mechanical engineers who had not previously been involved on the design team in order to get these calculations.

Sample Page from a recent Manual J

The in-house mechanical engineering team at EVstudio handles this scope on all of our projects. By integrating the mechanical design throughout the architectural design process, the heat loss calculations inform the architectural design and come as a result of an integrated design process.

In addition, our Mechanical Engineers at EVstudio can also prepare the Manual J, Manual D, Ductwork worksheets and Rescheck or Comcheck documentation for your project very affordably even if we are not involved in the architectural design.

If you need Manual J, Manual D, Ductwork worksheets and Rescheck or Comcheck documentation for your project, call or e-mail us and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote to get you what you need in the shortest time possible. Time is money and we understand that nobody can afford to wait for their building permit!


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2 thoughts on “EVstudio can help you with your Manual J and Manual D calculations”

  1. Thanks Sly for reaching out. I forwarded your comment to Shane Donalson and Trevor Karstens from our MEP team and one of them will be getting back with you very soon.

  2. I have a residential remodel I am doing and will have two systems in it the job is in Westminster Colorado I was seeing if I can get a quote and estimate on how long will take to complete and be sent through the acca software I have most the information I believe is needed if I can get a call back as soon as possible that would be great.

    Thank you and have a great day,
    Sly Mondragon

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