EVstudio Develops “Eco-Craft” Series of Homes for Central Texas Home Builder

Until recently, the demand for “green built homes” in Central Texas has been limited to Austin, Texas and the communities immediately surrounding that area.  Gene Dane, with EVstudio, has been working with Dustin Dewald, owner, of DPD Custom Homes over the last several months to establish a foothold in the Copperas Cove / Killeen, Texas area for well built, affordable, energy efficient, green built, single family homes.

The goal, from the beginning, was to design a home with sustainable materials, high efficiency mechanical equipment, water conserving landscaping, and indoor environment friendly finishes.  There were also requirements for site friendly construction, solar considerations, and great curb appeal.  And, most importantly, all for a price tag under $200,000.

Dustin Dewald, home builder, and Gene Dane, architect, have successfully completed many residential Design / Build projects over the last several years.  They combined their efforts this time to create DPD’s “ECO-CRAFT” series of homes.  “ECO-CRAFT” is the name given to the initial four homes in the series of homes designed to meet the challenges previously outlined.  “ECO-CRAFT” refers to the eco-logical and eco-nomical features of these homes paired with their crafts-manship and crafts-man style design.

The “ECO-CRAFT” series of homes have met the requirements necessary to be certified at the highest possible level that the Energy Star program offers.  The homes also qualified for the highest possible rating offered by the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program. At the local level, Mr. Dewald was recognized as the first home builder to qualify a home as “green” in the Central Texas Home Builders Association’s newly adopted Green Star Program.

The first home completed in the “ECO-CRAFT” series, the 2036 square foot single story model, just sold for $199,999.  That is, just barely, under the max sales price target of $200,000.

There is much more to share with our readers regarding the “ECO-CRAFT” series of homes.  We will provide additional information on these homes and many other green, sustainable, energy efficient projects that we have designed in upcoming articles.


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