EVstudio is Builder Friendly – An Example

An architect must be able to think creatively and a truly successful one considers how things are put together in the field. This requires understanding what makes things easier and more efficient for the tradesmen who build the various portions of a structure. When such information is implemented into the set of plans for the builder, this makes the set of plans very builder friendly.

In addition to knowing the structural capabilities of materials in a building, understanding the logistics and process of construction is priceless for the success of an architect’s relationship with a builder. The well rounded experience of the EVstudio team means that builders can count on a top quality set of builder friendly plans.

Deco Brace 30deg

An example can be found in the set of plans for the Atwell residence and its decorative wood accent features.  Framers prefer, whenever possible to use standard angles, like 22.5, 30, 45, 60, and of course 90 degrees. Dean and I worked out this detail where I made the angle of the 6×6 brace pieces 30 degrees from the vertical wall. This is a fairly common architectural detail where this specification of a 30 degree angle cut can make the job of cutting multiple wood members, assembly and installation much easier for the tradesmen in the field while creating less waste. EVstudio always strives to provide a builder friendly set of plans.


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