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I was recently interviewed by ForResidentialPros.com to comment about recent hiring activity here at EVstudio. The article they published in their newsletter is as follows (click here for the original article)…

Previously, ForResidentialPros.com reported on a remodeler and architect who are both hiring. Denver-based architecture firm EVstudio is another company that is hiring multiple positions. Dean Dalvit, AIA, PE, principal, shares who the company is looking to hire and advice for other architecture firms and applicants.

Hiring: “We are currently advertising for an architectural engineering intern to complement our structural engineering team and we hope to be hiring an architectural intern for our architecture team some time in the first quarter of 2012. EVstudio is always looking for talented people who can complement our growing team,” Dalvit says.

Why: “EVstudio has been fortunate enough to stay busy and continue growth in our core service areas year-over-year since day one in 2005. We have done this by diversifying our service offerings to include fully integrated architecture and engineering services, and also by penetrating multiple local markets with EVstudio locations in Denver, Evergreen, Central Texas and most recently, Colorado Springs,” he says. “A relentless pursuit of marketing new work certainly has helped as well.”

Advice to companies: “Hiring is risky even in the best of times. Payroll is our single largest expense. I don’t think that people ‘can’t’ hire. Rather, I think that when the cash flow is tight and the backlog is weak, it isn’t a good time to add expenses unless that potential hire can increase either of those facets. That’s just sound business practice,” Dalvit says. “EVstudio has always looked for certain qualities in people that will benefit the firm in the long term. If a candidate has strong character, great values and a solid work ethic, then they can contribute to the firm in more ways than what they may be hired for. Marketing new work is a part of the culture at EVstudio, and every member of the team is encouraged and expected to do so. We have always hired because of a need for resources on projects, but we have retained because of the greater value that each of our team members have added to our business. We always say that if someone can assist in bringing work into the firm, then there’s a job at EVstudio for them.”

“Tell me why you’re different and what you can do to create a niche at EVstudio and I’ll listen – Dean Dalvit, AIA, PE
Advice to applicants: “In two words: Stand out. Everyone has a great master’s thesis to show or some production experience from somewhere. Skills can be learned but excellence in character is hard wired. Tell me why you’re different and what you can do to create a niche at EVstudio and I’ll listen,” he adds. “These days, we receive a few unsolicited resumes every week. A job advertisement results in literally hundreds of resumes in a short time. Filtering through all of these is a daunting task in itself.

“We’re always astonished by how uncreative some of these are considering we’re in one of the most creative industries around. You have to demonstrate why we should pick you among hundreds of other applicants. Do your homework to understand our business and our culture. What can you do to make our firm better, more profitable, or get more work? Leadership roles in local groups or trade organizations like the AIA or ASCE also help to augment an otherwise typical resume that blends in with all of the rest.”


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