Geothermal Systems Introduction

We had a lunch and learn with Justin Larsen of WaterFurnace and Steve Cross with Sun Spot Solar to discuss geothermal systems and how the HVAC and hot water supply technology is getting more and more economically viable every day.

Steve and Justin demonstrated clearly that with the rebates available, the installation of a geothermal system can pay for itself in the course of just a few years. These systems are applicable to residential or commercial projects, large or small, and new construction or retrofit. If you have any questions about integrating geothermal in your project, we can help coordinate the engineering involved and walk you through the basics so that you can have all of the information you need to make the decision.



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2 thoughts on “Geothermal Systems Introduction”

  1. Hi George,
    We can certainly help with the architecture and structural engineering. We also work with plenty of geothermal people who can assist with the design and installation of the geothermal systems. Where is your project located and can you tell me a little more about the program for the home? Overall size, number of stories, number of bedrooms/baths, etc.?

  2. Please call to discuss plans for geothermal system for new home
    construction. Need to find architect to deveop set of plans. Need to purchace system 12and dig wells in 2012. Hope you can help.

    George Novak

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