Glazing in Commercial Solid Wood Doors

We have recently installed a number of solid wood commercial doors in our Denver studio at 1117 Cherokee Street and during the pricing and selection process, we asked about the price difference to have glazing in the door slabs. As it turns out, glazing a solid wood commercial is a secondary process that occurs after the door slab is manufactured. The mill shop takes the door slab and mills out the opening for the glass. Then the glass is set in a direct set application.

The benefits to this process are that the glass can be any size and shape that fits in the door slab and doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the door. Also, because it is a subsequent process, it can be done at any time and does not affect the door order. In our case, we needed the doors right away, so we ordered the slabs and installed them in order to meet our schedule. Later, we may opt to glaze some of them to distribute light and provide visual control from the spaces they serve.



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