Gypsum Association 2009 Fire Resistance Manual

My favorite resource for determining gypsum assemblies for fire protection is the GA Manual. The 2009 manual is now available online. It sorts fire assemblies by the location of the assembly and then by the number of hours each one provides. It also provides STC ratings.

The Gypsum Association has returned to the single PDF format that they used in 2003, I much prefer this over the chopped up 2006 manual. With this edition of the manual they’ve added 89 more assemblies and deleted 31. As always its important to read the notes at the beginning, they give you a lot of additional options.


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4 thoughts on “Gypsum Association 2009 Fire Resistance Manual”

  1. Dan,

    Typically these sorts of one side only situations are solved with a shaft liner assembly. The shaft liner is more expensive but when you can’t get to the backside of the assembly in existing scenarios they can be life savers!

    Bill Foster
    Director of Architecture

  2. I have a project with a 25′ high wall adjacent to an existing wall that must hace a 3-hour fire rating. We intitally used Design No. U382. However, the contracter cannot place the 5/8″ Type “X” on the side adjacent to the existing wall – no room.

    Does the Gypsum Association have an alternative design using metal studs that would provide the 3-hour rating, but would permit the gupsum to be applied to the interior of the wall only?

    Please advise. Thanks

    Dan C. Frodge, P.E.

  3. Is there currently a design number for a 1hr partition constructed of: one (1) layer 5/8″ firecode gypsum nailed to one (1) side of 2×4 wood studs at 24″ o/c and then having the exposed wood surfaces along with the backside of the gypsum board sprayed with a fire proofing material?


  4. This is such a valuable tool. The details, along with the assembly notes, give you a wide variety of options. I look to this manual before the UL because it’s so easy to use and is recognized by the IBC.

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