Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity Duplex Plans

I attended a meeting of the newly re-formed Building Committee for Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity last night. We talked a lot about the issues that they’ve had in the past with Architects and their drawings.

They hadn’t seen the set that we just completed but I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise after seeing what our competitors do. The set has been submitted to Jefferson County and they will begin building it March 2009. I plan to stick with the committee to continue to refine the great housing that they are building.

Click on each sheet to see a larger version. If you need more detail, please email me for a PDF.



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5 thoughts on “Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity Duplex Plans”

  1. Tara,

    I’m not sure if you’re looking for wheelchair accessible plans on our website or for blue spruce habitat to build some. I’ll address both.

    What is on our website is a broad picture of the projects that we do. I’ve designed fully accessible type a units along with adaptable units. Many of our custom homes have a level of accessibility to meet a future need. In all of our commercial building images the plans will be accessible.

    Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity generally builds homes with specific homeowners in mind. Their sites are often difficult and they try to create the right synergy of owner, site and plan. I’ve designed a couple houses for them and they pay great attention to the needs of the resident. This is a two story product but I’ve worked on other projects that did not have stairs and could be made accessible. I’m sure that if the potential owner had that need we could address it.

    Good luck finding the right home. Sean

  2. continue to see no home-plan for wheel-chair bound/users. i visited the evergreen habitat 4 humanity, would not allow my living there in the county for only a year… too much red tape for a company and -self!

    have been accepted through denver h.4.h. not the same.

    getting a 15 year high schooler to school is an accomplishment 😉

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  4. the homes and businesses seen on the right are spectacular. i was looking at the blueprints but not one of these displays a floorplan for someone disabled/wheelchair. my favorite place is evergreen. i have been asked to step in for the orientation for my hopes are up but uncertain if it’s like a lottery or what-not… if you ever build a home for me 😉 one level and lots of sliding doors for natural light! we got a deal? (lol ha ha) have a wonderful day.

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