Holly Park Community Center in Commerce City

Holly Park Community Center Front

The Holly Park Community Center in Commerce City is a community facility for the resident’s of an affordable housing complex. Like many apartment complexes built in the 1970’s it did not have any common area facilities.

Mercy Housing Colorado (the owner) wanted to provide their residents with access to after school programs, computer training, food and clothing banks and a meeting room for community events. A common strategy for this is utilizing converted apartments, but this solution is far from ideal. This facility incorporates those features along with moving the administrative functions into a new building.

The character of the existing buildings was a trick to work with. They are generally considered to be unattractive so we utilized some of their better components like brick, pitched roofs and large overhangs to create some harmony. When they reroof and repaint the buildings in a few years the older buildings will be made to match the community center, in the meantime it sticks out a little.

Holly Park Community Center Rear

The back of the facility has a fence that meets child care requirements for fenced outdoor area. While chain link is not the most attractive solution if this was a market rate use, it combines the right cost with the ability to maintain visual access accross the space between buildings.


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