Home Owner’s Insurance and Remodel Construction

My family and I have been planning an addition to our home with demolition and framing to begin on Tuesday. One of the items we were sure to investigate is how our home owner’s insurance works with additions. Before you start your project there are several items to check and see if you need any additional coverage.

1. If you are moving out for any period of time make sure you are covered. Many insurance carriers will have reduced coverage if you move out of your home. Our limit was 30 days and we aren’t moving out, so no big deal.

2. Make sure that it covers you for any damage to the home while you are under construction. This is especially important if you are opening up a roof or existing walls that may be exposed to weather.

3. Verify that you’re protected against theft of materials and equipment that may be on site and not yet installed. Theft from job sites is commonplace.

4. Verify that you have coverage against any injuries that may happen on your property.

5. This one isn’t about your coverage but may be the most important rule. Make sure that your contractors all have general liability insurance and asked to be additional insured.

Hayden and I sitting on the master bedroom floor framing in the addition, October 2010


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