Hydronic Radiant Heat Rough-In Completed in Evergreen at the Krueger Residence

Radiant Heat Tubing

I had the chance to go check out the radiant heat rough-in at the Krueger Residence in Elk Meadow Estates in Evergreen. Although the weather has been unseasonably warmer this winter, we did see a slight dusting of snow the night before. Despite mother nature though construction on this project is moving right along. The general contractor, Vince Kenney, of Tomskin LLC is taking advantage of the weather while it is relatively nice and expects to pour the lower level flatwork next week.

Radiant Heat Rough-In

With the use of special tubing such as PEX embedded in a concrete floor or gypcrete on a framed floor system, water or a mixture of water and anti-freeze, or propylene glycol, is heated from a hydronic boiler and circulated in a closed loop system through the tubing to heat the concrete and radiate the heat throughout the home. On this project the home features a hybrid of mechanical systems to heat the home. The lower walk-out basement has hydronic radiant floor heat, the main level has a combination of forced air and heat mat and the upper level, electric baseboard heat. These various systems were chosen on the basis of the owner’s lifestyle and use of the home and also front end costs and lifetime utility costs of the systems.


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