Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center Design

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, or HBOT, is a medical procedure which uses hyperbaric chambers to increase the atmospheric pressure on the human body, which in turn enriches the blood with oxygen.  The key piece of medical equipment for this treatment is the hyperbaric chamber itself.

When designing an HBOT facility it is important for the architectural and engineering design team to have a very clear understanding of the functional and spatial requirements of the equipment, the technology that supports the equipment, and the aesthetic considerations for the space accommodating the hyperbaric chambers.

EVstudio is currently working with clients to develop an HBOT facility in Killeen, Texas.  The HBOT facility will be part of a proposed 12,000 square foot Wound Care Center.  We have completed the programing process and are in the early stages of Schematic Design with our clients.  We have studied several different design scenarios and are quickly closing in on what will most likely be the approved SD floor plan.

As we continue through the design process on this project we will discuss the construction budget, facility specific maintenance requirements,  code requirements concerning the storage and use of medical gas, and overall facility design strategies.


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  1. Where can the Texas regulations be found governing the design specifications and construction of a hyperbaric center?

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