ILC vs. LSP or ISP, ALTA, Oh My!!

I recently found this detailed explanation of the different Land Survey documents frequently requested in the real estate industry (Thanks to Green Mountain Surveying – Boulder, CO).  I figured I would post this here for future reference:

Improvement Location Certificate (ILC): The main certificate required in many real estate transactions. All visible improvements will be graphically depicted and related to the best available evidence of boundary monumentation or lines of occupation including platted rights of way, sidewalks and fences. The product itself will usually be a legal size page with the improvements drawn to scale with any apparent discrepancies noted thereon. The plat and the title policy will be used to depict easements of record and encumbrances upon the property. The title company and the buyer will be certified to, and three signed and stamped original copies will be provided pursuant to Colorado Revised State Statute 38- 51-108.

Land Survey Plat (LSP): A full Boundary Survey or monumented land survey in which all corners of the subject parcel will either be recovered or established. Included in the survey will be lines of occupation and all found monumentation used to generate the solutions required, both monuments accepted and monuments in disagreement with the solution. The boundary relationships in the region will be to +/- 0.1’ tolerance. The current Title policy, the plat, and the County Clerk and Recorder records will be used to generate locations of encumbrances and easements of record upon the subject parcel. A copy certified to the client of the survey, including notes about sources of information, will be recorded with the county, and three signed and stamped copies will be provided, pursuant to Colorado Revised State Statute 38- 51-106.

Improvement Survey Plat (ISP): An I.S.P. includes additional information about the improvements upon and adjoining the property. It is a combination of a monumented land survey and the graphical depiction of all structures, visible utilities, fences, hedges, or walls situated on the subject parcel or within five feet of the boundaries of such parcel. Any conflicting boundary evidence or visible encroachments, and all easements, underground utilities for which information may be obtained from the County Clerk and Recorder’s office will be shown on the plat. The Boundary relationship in the region to all depicted improvements will be to a +/-0.1’ tolerance. A copy certified to the client including notes about sources of information will be recorded with the county, and three signed and stamped copies will be provided, pursuant to Colorado Revised State Statutes 38-51-106.12.

A.L.T.A. or an American Land Title Association Survey: A survey designed to service the particular needs of the title industry in the insuring of real property “free and clear”, the standards for which were established by the 2011 updated standards adopted by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. Included in the survey is all the information requested by the client from the options detailed in “Table A”. A copy of the survey certified to the client will be recorded with the County Clerk and Recorder.


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