MiTek SAPPHIRE Viewer is Free on Apple’s App Store

You can download the free app for viewing the SAPPHIRE 3D models from iTunes here.

With MiTek SAPPHIRE™ Mobile Viewer, you can receive 3D MiTek SAPPHIRE™ models via email and view them right from your iPhone or iPad. Control what you see with visibility switches, and even take a virtual tour of your model in your office or compare to the real thing on-site! Found a problem? Take a picture and email it in or simply print a comparison of the model to actual field framed conditions with your AirPrint compatible printer.

EVstudio is currently using SAPPHIRE for our new designs and helping our clients have more precise material lists and understanding of the framing interactions.


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3 thoughts on “MiTek SAPPHIRE Viewer is Free on Apple’s App Store”

  1. Jesse, I think that Jim took that one off of iTunes. I took a quick screenshot off my Retina Display iPad 3. Great tool.

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