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Clients benefit from a full spectrum of services, including modular design, panelized systems, and advanced building technologies, backed by rigorous research and development. You’ll have our support in working with the nation’s top factories, ensuring precision logistics and constructability. With seamless integration of Architecture and Engineering, essential to success in offsite construction, your project will stay on time and on budget.

The EVolution Design Studio enhances your project with attractive designs that make building cutting-edge off-site construction methods easy. As leaders in design for offsite construction and building technology, the studio combines expert architects, engineers, and project managers to innovate design solutions that are easier to build without compromising aesthetics.

Our team of experts design for streamlined production and enhanced precision. With capabilities ranging from fully modular structures to innovative combinations of on and offsite construction approaches, the EVolution Studio optimizes every aspect of design and production to minimize waste and maximize savings.

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