National Park Service Historic Train Relocation off to a Great Start

NPS CURE 2010 0119-1.1

EVstudio attended the pre-construction meeting earlier this week and had our first chance to visit the train and observe the existing conditions.  The plan is simple; prepare the new site and place tracks, set the temporary bridge using a steel frame adjacent to the existing bridge and use a flat bed train car to span the 50ft between the bridge and embankment.  Each train car will be moved on a flat bed truck to a temporary storage area.

NPS Cure 2010 0119-2.1

Flat bed train cars have been recycled as bridges for years.  Due to the width and length of the flat bed train car, the bridges are typically single lane bridges used for private roads or trails spanning 40 to 60 feet.   The flat bed train cars were originally designed to carry large loads such as tanks or other large equipment and therefore have no problem supporting lighter loads such as cars.


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