Nichiha Shingle Siding used for Andrews Residence

We specified Nichiha fiber-cement siding and trim for the Andrew’s Residence in Golden.  Nichiha products are made with a combination of recycled pulp fiber, fly ash and recycled fiber cement products and can contribute up to four LEED credits.

The long fiber cement boards require less cutting, quicker installation, and have a deep cedar grain that gives the appearance of rough sawn individual shake panels.  The boards are ½” thick and sixty percent thicker than typical fiber cement shake products.


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1 thought on “Nichiha Shingle Siding used for Andrews Residence”

  1. That is a really nice looking project. The extra thickness of the Nichiha shakes gives a much more interesting texture than standard fiber cement shingles, which tend to come across as looking, flat, fake, and lifeless. The only problem is that the Nichiha products are really hard to get ahold of around here (SE WY or front range CO). Where did you get the shakes from for this project?
    Any leads you might be able to give me about ordering Nichiha poducts in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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