Off the Grid Honka Log Cabin Ready for Permit in Park County, Colorado

This is one of our latest Honka projects slated for building permit approval in Park County, Colorado. Near Fairplay, this cabin will be a seasonal home for our clients, the Wisecups. Because of its higher altitude location, the cabin was designed for a very high snow load factor of 121 pounds per square foot (psf). Front range elevations closer to Denver have a design snow load of typically around 50-75 psf, with 30 psf in the Denver metro area. One of the other special requirements of this cabin is that there are no local utilities supplied to the property so it will be set up to be an off the grid home. The owner will be incorporating a photovoltaic system to supply the electricity they’ll need and water will be supplied by a large cistern located in the crawl space under the cabin. They will heat the cabin with a propane gas central heater.

Below is an earlier model of the cabin during the design development process…

Park County Off Grid Cabin


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