One of Best Residential Architects in Colorado

Crescent Moon Project

Well . . . we’ve done it again. Home Builder’s Digest just named EVstudio amongst the top 19 Best Residential Architects in Colorado. To quote the article: “Colorado has been named one of the most desirable states to live in America.” Because of this, people obviously need a place to live and a place to call “home.” We at EVstudio are ecstatic to be given such (another) great honor by Home Builder’s Digest, as our commitment to green building, best designing practices, and bridging the gap between functionality and aesthetics continues to grow and grow.

Bricker House

When it comes to our residential work, we span the gamut from multifamily to single-family. Our architects and engineers have designed apartment complexes, mixed-use communities, urban townhomes, custom single-family mountain homes, and much more. Every project is different with its own unique challenges and specs. Therefore, we are never left designing the same, copy-paste, catalog homes over and over and over. We start from scratch, meet with owners, developers, and stakeholders, and create a building of which every party (from owner to tenant to passerby) can be proud.

Home Builder Digest- One of Arvada’s Best Residential Architects – EVstudio



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