Designing Your House – Introduction

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP on July 11, 2018

Programming is the architect’s term for figuring out what elements need to be in a project and how they should fit together. Ideally at the beginning of each project you should go through the programming process with your architect and give them all of the pieces that you have figured out. In addition, it is the architect’s job to ask you the right questions and work with you to discover the other pieces of the puzzle.

At EVstudio we have established a four page checklist that we go through during the programming process. It covers a wide range of topics and serves as a starting point for discussion. These early programming meetings can be quite lengthy. It is essential to the success of the project that it is properly programmed.

This post is the first in a multi part series of posts detailing the programming process for a new home. The processes for remodels, additions, multifamily and commercial projects have many of the same elements and a few different ones to be covered later. The series will cover:

General Project Information
Site and Survey
Floor Plans, Public Spaces
Floor Plans, Private Spaces
Floor Plans, Accessory Spaces
Outdoor Spaces
Interior Design
Elevations and Exterior Design
Structural Information
Sustainable Features
Bid Documents
Architectural Review Committees
Construction Administration

I think you can see the reason this post will have multiple parts. 🙂 New posts will come out every few days for the next few weeks.