Rendering Videos for Complex Projects

Rendering videos take architecture to the next level. Renderings in general are a great tool that architects use to help clients visualize their projects. Still renders provide a snapshot of the project and tend to highlight the most unique elements of the project. For more complex projects, a rendering video may provide greater insight to the interior spaces, how people will move through the building, or even how the phasing of a project will work.

There are countless possibilities of what you can do with a rendering video. The driver of the type of video will be based on the desired outcome: What do you want to learn, highlight, or emphasize about your project?

Here are some real examples of rendering videos I created during the course of earning my latest degree to help illustrate which types of rendering videos work best for different projects.

First-Person Walk-Through Rendering

If the goal is to get a better feeling of the space and understanding of the flow of movement, a first-person walk-through video would be a great fit. In the video below, you can see an example of walking through the various spaces within the project and how they interact with one another. There are several levels of detail that the renderings can approach. A more sketchy version like this example would be a great fit for a schematic design or design development level of design, since there are still details to be determined. This type is best used when point in the process requires understanding the volumes of the space and how they would feel to someone walking through. As design develops into construction documents, the video can take on a more photorealistic look. This is where the EVstudio team works with the client to provide materials that are accurate to the vision of the project.

Street-Level/Aerial View Renderings

If a community is being developed with several model examples, or when an overall view of the community or building as a whole is desired, a street-level view or aerial rendering video would best accomplish the goal. Below is an example of a community-driven video, showing off each model and how the community as a whole comes together in this future neighborhood. This option would be great for developers to bring their communities to life for marketing.


Phasing Renderings

For more complex projects, a phasing video may be desired to show the process of how a project comes together. Whether to show the phasing of a single building with multiple complex parts, such as a modular, volumetric, or panelized building, or to illustrate several buildings on a site being constructed over time, phasing renderings are a great way to understand the order of processes and how each element works with the next. This is an example of a panelized single-family home and the steps to construct it on site.

These rendering videos help to bring a project to life and better understand the complexities and nuances of projects and additionally provide great marketing materials for our clients. EVstudio would love to work with you on your next project and help make your vision a reality with both our still and video rendering services.


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