Repairs to Concrete Foundations Made Simple Using Carbon-Fiber Kevlar Grid Straps

From Fortress Stabilization Systems

EVstudio recently met with Pinnacle Construction where they introduced us to Carbon-Fiber and Kevlar Grids used to repair foundation walls.  Carbon-fiber has recently been introduced into the construction industry due to its very high tensile strength, lightweight and workability.  Sections of the grid can be adhered to the concrete surface using a high strength epoxy bonding agent.

Fortress Stabilization Systems appears to be the leader in introducing this new technology to the construction industry, applying it to many different situations from bridges to basements.  The most useful application for residential would be the Carbon Staples, Kevlar Neckties, and various shapes of Carbon-Fiber/Kevlar grids used to control cracks and provide additional strength to an otherwise failing foundation wall.

EVstudio’s structural department is very excited to research more about Carbon-fiber and other applications it can be used in.  Carbon-fiber is a great alternative to commonly used steel repairs.

From Fortress Stabilization Systems


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6 thoughts on “Repairs to Concrete Foundations Made Simple Using Carbon-Fiber Kevlar Grid Straps”

  1. This is a great resource for anyone having to deal with concrete repairs. Anything that is related to foundation repair you want to use extreme caution and make sure the work is done or overseen by a professional to avoid injury or destruction of property.

  2. I have also seen kevlar straps used in masonry construction. For this specific case the kevlar straps were used for new construction and due to maximum wall thickness requirements the straps were a ideal fit.

  3. The cost question comes up a lot. We did a cost comparison between wall anchors and the wall straps.We took a 40lf (8′ tall) wall and completed a repair plan with costs. To complete a wall anchor repair would be aprox $7,000.00 and take about 3 days to install. The same wall using wall straps would cost aprox $3,000.00 and take 1 day to install. This is a huge cost savings for the homeowner/investor.

  4. Yes, but more carbon-fiber than kevlar. Carbon-fiber can be used to replace welded wire reinforcement. The carbon-fiber mats are lighter and easier to work with. Although, a bit more difficult to keep up into the middle of the slab. The better application I see is precast decorative pieces and underlayments to decorative concrete toppings.
    Carbon-fiber is less ductile than steel so the control of cracks in concrete is increased. Cracks can be held to hairline in lieu of 1/8″ wide. Also, carbon-fiber does not corrode.
    If the price of carbon-fiber keeps going down I believe we will see many more applications.

  5. Jim, is the industry using any kevlar in new construction reinforced concrete design? It seems there may be advantages over steel rebar if it’s not cost prohibitive. Interested in your opinion on that.

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