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Even when I was in college, people would frequently ask me if I wanted to do residential or commercial architecture. There seems to be a belief that there is a distinct difference in architects who choose to do residential and architects who choose to do commercial. There are definitely some differences, but I always wanted to do both. Dean and I share this fascination, so EVstudio does a roughly even mix of residential and commercial projects. We also do multifamily residential and hospitality work which must fall somewhere in the middle.


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  1. As a personal note, As an Architect ,I love doing commerical projects, its the nature of them, some are some what simple, while some are so complext in a web of planning and building codes, and other commerical projects located in diffrent countries is a diffent monster in it self. I’ve been invloved in a wide range of projects such as mix use, industrial, commerical, and residential. Architects shouldn’t limit them in to one paticiular fields, they should explore……….


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