Retail in Killeen

157 Architecture and EVstudio have been chosen to design the entire master plan for the Clear Creek in Killeen, Texas. The site is roughly 13 acres, 1/4 of which has the existing structures and parking.

The first building phase is actually a retail piece including a branch bank and several additional tenant spaces, in total about 16,300 sf. The 2-3 medical office buildings have moved into the second position and will come next.


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2 thoughts on “Retail in Killeen”

  1. I suggest that we consider a name that reflects the true nature of the project. The retail spaces will be occupied mostly by vendors that support the Health Care industry. The only reason that there will be a bank located on this property is because the property was purchaced from a bank and a lease agreement was part of the sale agreement. Health Care facilities are an important part of our emerging economy and demand for these facilities will be greater than the availability of these facilities for years to come. How about “Clear Creek Health Care” or something along those lines? There is, afterall, a hospital across the street and existing health care facilities on this project site. At the current rate of expansion by the adjacent hospital it is likely that this project will soon be surrounded by core of the health care center in Killeen.

    I, too, agree that we need to come up with a better name for this project. One that will hopefully do not only the project justice, but one that also reflects the effort and talent that went into the design of the project. Our client as well as our design team deserves that.

    Gene Dane
    157 Architecture

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