Simpson Strong-Tie Workshop

Simpson Strong-Tie recently hosted a workshop in Denver to promote their new products and keep everyone in the industry informed on their technical aspects. As a structural engineer, it is extremely important to remain up-to-date on the products available and their exact properties.

One of the main topics discussed during the morning session of the workshop was fastening systems. Simpson has developed a multitude of epoxy’s and acrylic’s for all different purposes. Here in Denver, their acrylic products made a huge difference in the industry since they start curing within minutes. With the variability in weather that we see on a daily basis in Colorado, it can be extremely difficult to find 72 hours of consistently warm weather which is needed for epoxy to cure. Therefor the acrylic line has become a go-to product for local builders.

Throughout the afternoon session, we discussed everything from Simpson’s typical joist hangers to their new, versatile Strong-Wall. One product that stood out was their Strong Frame Moment Frame. This is great product to use for retrofit applications, such as garage door openings in a lower level of garages under an apartment complex. They can also be quickly installed on-site with bolted connections, avoiding the use of field welds that would then need an additional inspection.

The main aspect of any product line that you need to keep in mind is installation. Proper installation obviously goes hand in hand with its end performance.


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