Slice Model Jury at the University of Colorado Denver Architecture School


For the last three semesters I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the slice model jury for the Comprehensive Studio at CU Denver’s Architecture School. This semester the project was a black box theater at one of two locations in Denver. As part of the studio the students build a 1/2″ = 1′-0″ scale model of a slice through the building. The jury looks at each model to help the students with their ideas about structural and mechanical systems. On a highly technical project like a black box theater the discussion also involves discussion of how the design works as a theater.

My connection to the slice model jury is Chuck MacBride, one of the instructors. In addition to my attendance, I also brought along a couple of my experts, Dean Dalvit and Peter Lucking. Dean, in addition to being a great architect (and business partner) happens to have a mechanical engineering degree and designs many of our structural systems. Peter was the designer of the Ellie Caulkins Opera house and is a true theater expert. I worked for him on the Ellie and other theater projects at Semple Brown.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the work that I see in this studio and its a real credit to the instructors and CU Denver.


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