Structural Wood Framing Connectors from Simpson Strong-Tie and USP

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Simpson or USP?  Each company has a wide range of framing connectors that meets the needs of almost every type of wood connection you can think of.  In addition, each company provides connectors for epoxy bonding, retrofitting, and other various products to create quick structural connections.  In Colorado, Simpson and USP products are commonly used, therefore EVstudio believes it’s best to specify each company.

Dual specifying connectors helps the framers keep moving in the field allowing more choices and being able to work with different suppliers who typically only carry one or the other product line.

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One advantage I like about the USP catalog is that you can quickly determine a connector equal to or stronger than Simpson.  USP has a “reference number” along with most USP products listed on the charts and on the hangers.  The reference number matches the Simpson product name and matches or exceeds the Simpson product connector capacity.  However, I never assume that the USP product is stronger than Simpson and always verify each product’s actual capacity.

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I also really like Simpson’s AutoCAD menu.  Once the menu is loaded you can quickly select different views of most of the Simpson products are create clean accurate details.  You can learn more about the AutoCAD menu and download it for free.

As we move towards more projects being designed using Revit it’s great to have all the different components available for a complete model.  Simpson has started to create the Revit families of their products; you can see what’s available and sign up to receive a notice once more families become available.

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I believe it’s best to use each manufacturer’s information and advantages to create a complete library and useful tools to provide the best information of the framing plans.  Your framer will appreciate your time in understanding Simpson and USP or any other manufacturer.


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7 thoughts on “Structural Wood Framing Connectors from Simpson Strong-Tie and USP”

  1. Why don’t you kick around some open base design as long as it will hold The could easily flash the bottom of 4×4 and then face it out with some open or even cooler like and old reproduction cast iron black with scroll work to spice it up. Just a thought. Love this site and the terrific work your firm does.
    Tom green

  2. Hi Mark,
    I can’t think of any connectors by USP or Simpson that would fit your needs. Without knowing the required load of the connector and the use of the hung 4×4 it’s difficult to get creative. What comes to mind of a simple way to hang a 4×4 is using a 16 gauge strap fastened to the steel frame with TEK screws. Each end of the strap could then extend down the sides of the 4×4 as needed.
    Hope that might be of use.
    Good luck!

  3. Hi;
    I am looking for a lightweight way to easily hook the end of a 4X4 to the bottom of a steel framework.
    Ideally it would fit fairly tight or be able to tighten up on the 4X4. It should slip onto the end of the 4X4 and be 6 to 12″ long. I can weld or bolt this to my frame.
    Was looking at the local lumber yard today and had several types of connectors by USP Structural Connections, including an end socket for a 4X4, but it only supported the 4X4 on 2 sides and was just 4″ or so long.
    I will probably wind up making something, but I don’t want it to be too heavy, or too labor intensive.
    Any ideas or products that will help me on this project, please drop me a line.


  4. Jose, we don’t produce the catalogs, we just tell you what’s in there. Click on the links in the post for download.

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