Open for Business During Construction

by EVstudio AEP May 7, 2019

One of our recently designed projects was recently permitted with no review comments and is now under construction. The project is a remodel of an existing retail center at a very busy intersection. The owner and tenants where very concerned about the impact the remodel […]

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Open During Remodel and Business is Good

by EVstudio AEP May 3, 2019

I drive by this project at least once a week and the parking lot is always packed! There is a constant in and outflow of people into the building. Just a short time ago it looked like this. Now it looks like this: The project […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Home?

by Dean Dalvit April 19, 2019

We get this question a lot. People who are planning their dream homes often don’t know where to start. A large part of our discussion in our programming meetings centers around how much home you can afford and if your program is in alignment with […]

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And a Column Shalt be Under Thine Beam

by Matt Svoboda April 19, 2019

One of the most frequently made mistakes in traditional design is the misalignment of a column with regards to the beam or entablature it is supporting.  The face of the beam (on both the inside and the outside) should align with the slenderest part of […]

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Typical Rafter Insulation Detail

by evstudio March 28, 2019

Here is a typical insulation detail for a rafter framed roof.  We’re showing a 1” polystyrene baffle to provide airspace between the roof sheathing and rigid insulation for required roof ventilation.  Under that is a 2” spray foam insulation with an R-6.9 per inch thermal […]

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LEED ID Credits – New LEED Pilot Credit Library

by EVstudio AEP March 8, 2019

Earlier this year, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) introduced a new dimension to their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating Systems for green building certifications known as the Pilot Credit Library (PCL). The PCL currently includes 41 Pilot Credits which can be […]

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Why Mock-up Wall Sections Are a Great Idea for Your Next Building

by EVstudio AEP February 15, 2019

In addition to all the other reasons, I love looking at construction projects mock-up wall sections are one of the most useful tools I’ve found on a job site for learning and teaching. Mockup walls can be specified in a project specification, general notes or even […]

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Getting Nailed: A Brief History of Nails

by evstudio February 8, 2019

Unless they get one in their car tire I am willing to bet that the average person does not spend a lot of time thinking about nails. I actually do think about nails quite a bit, but then again I am a structural engineer who, […]

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Grades of Solid Clay Masonry – Bricks

by EVstudio AEP February 8, 2019

Common building bricks come in three grades which indicate the bricks resistance to weathering. The weathering general refers to how much rain is expected and how low the temperatures get. NW: Negligible Weathering – Typically used for interior applications as well as a backup for […]

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You Wouldn’t Download a House, Would You? 3D Printing Homes

by EVstudio AEP February 6, 2019

3D printing technology is experiencing a bit of an explosion at the moment. Your local Home Depot has a MakerBot display, and many libraries around the world offer fabrication stations along with the reference section and magazines. All of that is very interesting, but perhaps […]

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Quickly Construct Concrete Pad Footings with FASTBAG

by evstudio January 31, 2019

At a recent seminar I attended I was introduced to the Fab-Form product called FASTBAG. This product is brilliantly simple….a textile bag you can fill with concrete and reinforcing bars to take the place of the wood formwork traditionally utilized to construct pad footings. The […]

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Plate Crushing – Importance and Solutions

by Hayley Selden January 29, 2019

“Sticky” doors and windows? Plate crushing could be to blame The Issue When there is a large point load coming down on a wall, even though the post below can withstand the load, that is not always the case for the top and bottom plates […]

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