What size is a door anyway?

by EVstudio AEP November 30, 2018

Residential doors come in all sizes and a couple shapes too. The most common door in a residential application is 6′-8″ (80″) tall. Sometimes a door that is 7′-0″ (84″) will be specified. However, this is less common and more expensive. If the impact of […]

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Include an Exterior Door in Your Addition

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP August 23, 2018

Last fall, my wife and I designed an addition to our home. It was a fairly straightforward addition with only a couple areas inside the house being remodeled to accommodate it. To save money and hassle we wanted to be able to live in the […]

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When Do You Need More Than One Door? – Spaces That Require More Than One Means of Egress

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP April 27, 2017

The 2006 International Building Code spells out the conditions where you are required to have two or more exits or as I prefer to see it, where you can have only one exit from a space. Generally the requirements are straight forward but there are […]

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