What size is a door anyway?

Residential doors come in all sizes and a couple shapes too. The most common door in a residential application is 6′-8″ (80″) tall. Sometimes a door that is 7′-0″ (84″) will be specified. However, this is less common and more expensive. If the impact of a taller door is desired then we usually go to 8′-0″ (96″) in a custom home.

The width is another item to consider. A single door on a linen closet may be 1′-6″ wide. A bathroom or powder room may have a door that is 2′-0″ or 2′-4″. A typical bedroom door is 2′-6″ while the master may be 2′-8″. In a custom home I normally make all bedroom doors at least 2′-8″ wide. Of course, if an occupant is in a wheelchair all doors should be 3′-0″ for easy accessibility.

Exterior doors are frequently 3′-0″ wide. Though sometimes they are 3′-6″ or even 4′-0″. If front doors do go beyond 3′ we frequently will go to a pair of doors with each being at least 2′-6″ wide. Sometimes a pair of 3′-0″ doors is warranted. Of course there can be side lites and transom windows to make an entry door feel larger or give it a greater impact.

Often an entry door is rectangular. Sometimes we design doors that have an arched or even half circle top.

Ultimately the front door makes a huge statement. Let your imagination run wild and work with us in designing a custom front door to the custom home of your dreams.


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