Take Pictures of Your Construction Project – Save Time Later

People take pictures during construction to show their family, to ask the builder questions and to document the process. One of the biggest reasons to take pictures during construction is to have a record of hidden conditions.

Prior to enclosing your framing, electrical and mechanical with insulation and drywall, thoroughly document where everything is. The same goes for pictures prior to pouring foundations. When you need to locate a stud, a wire or a pipe later it will save you and with digital cameras you really can’t have too many images.


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  1. I highly recommend taking digital movies of every wall in every room, all ceilings and floors. Be sure to do it just after the rough framing inspection, but before insulation goes in, so you capture all of the systems, plumbing, wiring, etc.. These will really come in handy later both before and after the project is completed!

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