Termites in Denver!?!!

Termites Denver 1

Yes, there are termites along the front range, including Denver.  It’s fairly rare, but EV does find wood structures damaged by these little bugs.  Typically, the termites are subterranean here, meaning their colony is safely below ground.  Most colonies are kept in check by our colder weather, but as many of you may know Denver is actually very comfortable during the winter with only a few days that remain below freezing.

Termites Denver 2

The picture above shows one of the termites we found.  Amazing these tiny things can cause so much damage.

Termites Denver 3

This is a structural wood header damaged by termites.  It will have to be replaced due to the amount of damage.

Look for signs of termites in your house.  The easiest sign to look for is mud tunnels.  Tunnels made by the termites to protect them as they go above ground and into the structure.  You will see small trails of dirt extending along the face of the foundation.  Look all around the exterior and more importantly on the interior face of the foundation in crawlspaces.


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