The Collaboration of a Custom Home Feature – A Tuscan Wine Room

Custom homes require a collaboration with the homeowner, design team, general contractor and field trades. I’m lucky enough to work with some great clients, builders and tradesmen collaborating to turn design into physical reality. A custom home project is unique to every client and their visions for the features they want to experience and be a part of their home.

Here we see a  feature turned from the two and three dimensional paper concepts into reality. With the owner, lead framer, and myself collaborating on a Tuscan Wine Room recently, we took the visual aids developed in the design studio to the site during construction and in fairly short order had the concept ready to be framed up. Here are some examples of the visual aids and resulting construction.

CO14-063_CD3 - tuscan room blog Page 001

CO14-063_CD3 - tuscan room blog Page 002

Tuscan Room7Tuscan Room6

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