The Fulfillment of Being an Expert Witness

A statement is made to all college students interested in the architecture or landscape architecture profession. That is that ‘they will learn more in the first month of real experience on the job during an internship or their first year out of school that they learn in an entire year during college’. True statement. The amount that you can learn in real situations, with real clients and real mentors is incredible.

Last fall, I was asked to be an expert witness for a landscape architecture firm who was the defendant in a lawsuit which claimed negligence against the company. Initially, I was admittedly hesitant as this was something that was foreign to me and the last thing that I wanted to do was be in front of attorneys, a jury, etc. However, after consulting with colleagues at EVstudio who provide these services as well, I was convinced that I am more than qualified and my attention to detail could be a real asset to the attorney and the case. Carpe diem, I decided and went for it.

The experience was quite enjoyable, educational and fulfilling. It was interesting to see what the charges were against this company, reading the Expert Witness report hired by the Plaintiff, and inventorying the built construction. This experience allows me to look at design and construction documentation at a whole other level, which I believe is extremely useful to the non-Expert Witness clients.

I would gladly take on future Expert Witness cases, as I am a landscape architect who enjoys a good challenge with a great passion to learn.


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