The Place in Evergreen is Open!

The Place, a center for community organizations in Evergreen, Colorado is now complete and open! All painting and trimming has been completed and the office spaces are beginning to be filled by local non-profit organizations such as The Mountain Area Pregnancy Center, The Mother’s Closet and more. While the offices are complete, the state-of-the-art tele-conferencing facility and media center are about to be equipped with the cutting edge equipment that will add a dimension of technology and sophistication that has not previously been available to the community organizations in Evergreen.

The Cafe at The Place, which is located next door, is also open and thriving! They offer breakfast and lunch selections in addition to a variety of coffee, tea and other drink choices. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. EVstudio was very pleased to be the architect for this fantastic amenity in Evergreen.

Lobby at The Place in Evergreen, Colorado
Cafe at The Place


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4 thoughts on “The Place in Evergreen is Open!”

  1. Linda, we’ve forwarded your information to the owner of The Place and they will contact you directly. Best of luck!

  2. Linda Brotman-Evans

    I’m looking for space in Evergreen to hold a workshop, once a month, for 3 months (Mar, Apr, May) in the evening for
    15 – 24 people.
    Let me know who and how to get details by email or call.

  3. Norm,
    We are happy to send you the contact information for The Place and you can follow up directly with them. Thanks for your inquiry!

  4. To whom it may concern,

    We currently produce a live Sabbath service webcast on Saturday mornings from a small studio in our home. We are looking to do webinars (live streaming video conferences) over the internet once a quarter or during the Biblical Holidays (Feasts).

    We would be interested in speaking with you about the potential of using your facility for this purpose.

    Thank you,
    Norm Franz
    Executive Director

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