Trus Joist Has Upgraded and Improved the Performance of TJI Silent Floor Joists

tji silent floor joist

The design properties for TJI joists 110, 210 and 230 and have increased starting in 2009 which in turn allows the joists to span farther.  A typical TJI 210 at 16”o.c. meeting L/480 live load deflection (40psf live/10psf dead) can now span 19’-3” in lieu of 18’-8”.  This might not seem lot a lot but the advantage is having the option to change your joist spacing to 19.2”o.c. when your product was designed at 16”o.c..  For the same TJI 210 at 16”o.c. that was previously designed for a max span of 18’-8” you can now space the joists at 19.2”o.c. for a max span of 18’-2”.  This should cover most situations, with few joist spans landing in the 18’-2” to 18’-8” range.  Even if the joists do fall in this 6” range, your engineer can verify your exact conditions and determine if the joists are sufficient.

Saving every dollar counts right now, and this is a simple way to do it.


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  1. Hi Sean,
    The Structural Engineers at EVstudio designs all types of floor systems. The post above describes some changes to common I-joists used to build many residential floors.
    I would be happy to speak with you about how EVstudio can be of service.
    Thank you

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