When Should You Contact an Architect? What Phases of Your Project Can an Architect Help With?

There is a common conception that the architect is the person you contact when you need plans for your project. That is only partially correct. In addition to your plans, a good architect can help you with many of the other phases of your project. Some of these services they will perform themselves and some of these services they can hire for you. At EVstudio our services have included:

Land selection and evaluation
Real estate services
Pro-forma, rent and cost analysis
As-built surveys and drawings
Conceptual design drawings
Schematic design drawings
Pricing and opinions of probable cost
Demolition plans
Design development drawings
Construction document drawings
Bidding, negotiation and contractor selection
City processes and planning services
Detailed specifications and product recommendations
LEED and sustainability consultation
Master planning
Site planning and civil engineering
Structural engineering
Mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering
Construction administration
Construction management
Plans review
Local partner for out of state firms
Plans library development
Subject matter experts
Evaluations of existing structures
Entitlements and permitting processes
Interior design
CAD system design
Three dimensional models
Computer renderings
Marketing materials
Changes of occupancy
Contracts and agreements

The important thing to remember is that the architect has experience with most of the aspects of the project. They’ve seen many projects through. Choosing to involve them from the beginning to the end of the process will allow you to utilize their expertise and will allow them to help execute the right design for your project. Please feel free to contact EVstudio at any point in your process and we’re happy to get involved with your project.


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