The EVstudio Team Wins Two MAME Awards

by Bill Myhren October 8, 2014
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EVstudio won two Awards this weekend at the Marketing and Merchandising Excellence (MAME) Awards gala which honors the top achievers in the Denver area new home industry. The awards were presented by the Sales & Marketing Council and HBA of Metro Denver. Awards are comprised […]

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How to Evaluate Lighting in the Patient Care Environment

by Lisa Barter October 4, 2014

In evaluating light quality in any environment, we have to keep in mind how the eye perceives light. As light distribution goes, we perceive light first on vertical surfaces, and last on horizontal surfaces below eye level (the ground, the floor, the work plane). Light […]

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sEVen Tips to Take Your Interior Space to the Next Level!

by Flory Hamstra October 4, 2014
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SEVEN Tips to take an interior space to the next level: Most people invest a good amount of time and energy in tailoring the spaces they inhabit to their personal needs and preferences. This process is different for every person, as it often relates to […]

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Upcoming Changes in the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code

by Bill Foster October 4, 2014

In its efforts to improve building energy efficiency by 30% the following improvements are being proposed in the 2012 IECC. As with all proposals that involve significant change and numerous stake holders there will be significant push and pull on these issues at both the […]

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Resolve to Make Your Exterior Lighting Dark Sky Compliant

by Lisa Barter August 29, 2014

First in a three part Dark Sky series As we round the corner into a new year, many of us are taking time to assess what’s working in our lives and what we want to improve. If a more sustainable or green lifestyle is on […]

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How to Pick the Right Compact Fluorescent Bulb Color

by Lisa Barter August 29, 2014

Hi, Lisa. I really want to save energy by using compact fluorescent bulbs in some of my light fixtures, but the last batch I bought was an awful cold blue color that made me feel funny.  How can I avoid making the same $9 mistake every time?   […]

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The Six Components of Successful Daylighting

by Anthony Ries May 20, 2014

There seems to be a popular misconception that the use of natural light involves large expanses of southern facing windows. I can’t count how many places I have been where the entire south facing window wall has the blinds constantly drawn or unsightly tinting film […]

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Consider LED Outdoor Lighting to get LEED Points

by Dean Dalvit May 20, 2014

It’s no surprise that LED lighting has made a significant impact on the energy use for lighting applications with it’s extremely low energy use per footcandle. New ground is being broken in all lighting uses and we are seeing LED lighting in everything from decorative […]

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9 Lighting Disasters to Avoid in the Kitchen and Bathroom

by Lisa Barter April 23, 2014
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Many common solutions we typically see in kitchens and baths are far from the best solutions, but are repeated again and again because people are not sure how to light those spaces well.  Lighting design can transform a space from drab to dynamite. It’s especially important in […]

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The Six Components of Successful Daylighting Part III

by Anthony Ries April 11, 2014

Presented today are the last two components of successful daylighting: Integrate the daylighting scheme into the architecture Integrate the daylighting scheme with building systems These final two points remind us that architecture is synergistic, that is it becomes more than the sum of its parts. […]

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Keeping the Night Sky Dark is a Necessity for Human and Environmental Sustainability

by Lisa Barter April 10, 2014

Second in a three part Dark Sky series “Darkness is as essential to our biological welfare, to our internal clockwork, as light itself.” -Verlyn Klinkenborg, “Our Vanishing Night,” National Geographic magazine, November 2008 Last week in the first article of our three part series on […]

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Structural Considerations for Commercial Solar Panel Installation

by evstudio January 15, 2014

EVstudio was recently hired to consult on the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the Knights of Columbus Building in Thornton, Colorado. Many businesses are considering the addition of solar panels to their buildings not only to help offset their energy costs, but because […]

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