Steel Screw Pile Foundation

by Jim Houlette April 20, 2015

A deep foundation system that is gaining popularity in areas with difficult soil, contaminated soil and due to its speed of construction is steel screw piles. At first glance screw piles look like the typical helical pier.  However, there are significant differences that make a […]

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Repair of Badly Damaged Joist and Sill Plate Due to Water Moisture

by Jim Houlette March 28, 2015

The repairs are complete at a residence in Greeley where water moisture was so severe along the entire north face of the house the joists and sill plate had crushed like cardboard.  EVstudio’s Structural Department worked with Complete Basement Systems to provide a high quality […]

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Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating in Post Tension Slab-on-grade Foundations

by Jim Houlette March 24, 2015

The structural department recently designed and observed the construction of a post tension slab-on-grade foundation that incorporated a hydronic radiant floor system.  Although there is nothing special about a hydronic radiant floor system in the basement floor, many builders and owners wonder if it can […]

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Fastening to Concrete – Wedge Style Expansion Anchors

by evstudio March 20, 2015

There are many situations were it may become necessary to attach a timber ledger to a concrete wall. It is desirable in many new homes to lower the elevation of the finished floor to make a home more wheel chair accessible. An example of the […]

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Wall on Grade Foundation

by Jim Houlette March 4, 2015

Simple and cost effective, but limited in design capabilities.  A wall on grade is just as simple as it sounds.  If the bearing capacity of the soil is moderate to high and the load from the structure is light then a typical spread footing can […]

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Foundation Construction – When Frost Depth Can Not Be Met

by evstudio December 16, 2014

The 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) specifies that foundation walls, foundation piers and other permanent support of buildings and structures shall be protected from frost heave. As we know, when water freezes it increases in volume. Bearing a structure’s foundation below the frost line helps […]

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Insulfoam R-Tech Under-Slab Insulation

by evstudio December 2, 2014

The builder for the Haley Residence we designed in Evergreen is using Insulfoam R-Tech for the under-slab insulation.  Insulfoam R-Tech is a high-performance, block-molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) rigid insulation product for under-slab applications.   It is an ideal solution for projects that incorporate radiant-heat flooring systems, as […]

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Interrupted or Narrow Spread Footing Foundation

by Jim Houlette October 2, 2014

When the site has low to moderate swelling soil an interrupted or narrow spread footing may be used.  The Geotechnical engineer will specify a maximum and a minimum soil bearing pressure.  Most people understand a maximum soil bearing which is discussed more at our post […]

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E-470 Solar Project Dedication

by Jim Houlette May 20, 2014

EVstudio attended the E-470 Solar Project Dedication June 26, 2012.  Our office designed the helical piers used for the two solar panel systems; a typical array and unique single pole design.   It was exciting to be a part of this important project. Solar Project Facts […]

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Raft Slab-on-Grade Foundation

by Jim Houlette May 20, 2014

A Raft Slab-on-Grade foundation can be as simple as a 4” thick slab with no reinforcement and a shallow perimeter rib to an 8” thick slab heavily reinforced with deep ribs spaced roughly 10’o.c.  The wide range of concrete thicknesses and reinforcement is a function […]

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EVstudio Contracted for Value Engineered Structural Revision to Custom Mountain Home

by evstudio April 23, 2014

EVstudio was recently asked to value engineer a proposed revision to the foundation of a custom home in Evergreen Colorado that we had previously provided structural design services for. This particular home was originally designed for a slab on grade lower level floor with an […]

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Foundation Engineering for Home Plans Purchased Online

by Jim Houlette April 10, 2014
Thumbnail image for Foundation Engineering for Home Plans Purchased Online

Many people are searching the internet and purchasing home plans online.  While these plans won’t be custom tailored to fit your exact needs, many people find they are close enough. However, there is one very important thing to keep in mind when purchasing these plans, […]

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