Field Inspections: Special Certifications

An Intro to Certifications

To become a more versatile field inspector with a wide range of skills and knowledge, training programs and continuing education should be sought out and completed. There are a variety of inspection certificates an EVstudio Field Inspector can acquire that will expand the inspections EVstudio Field Services offer into diverse areas. Listed below are several types of inspection certifications found through the American Concrete Institute and through the International Code Council (ICC).

The American Concrete Institute offers certification in a variety of programs that provide foundational knowledge around concrete construction and concrete repair applications. These certification programs include: Fundamentals of Concrete Construction, Anchorage Design, Fundamentals of Concrete and Materials, and Repair Application Procedures.

Continuing Education Programs

ICC Certifications

The ICC offers a range of online certification training programs to enhance the EVstudio Field Inspector’s repertoire of skills, knowledge, and expertise in the field. The programs include: Reinforced Concrete, Structural Masonry, Structural Steel and Bolting, Prestressed/PT Concrete, Soils, Structural Welding, and Spray-Applied Fireproofing. In order to complete any of these specialized certification programs, the ICC’s Special Inspector General Requirements training is required, which is free and includes 6 hours of online training. Each of the online specialized certification programs requires between 20 and 30 hours of online training and provides the inspector with continuing education units (ceu).

American Concrete Institute Certifications

The American Concrete Institute also offers a range of certification inspection programs. Acquiring certification in one or all the programs allows the inspector to complete quality inspections in various concrete installation and construction practices. The inspection programs that ACI offers include the following: Concrete Anchor Installation Inspector, Concrete Construction Inspection, and Shotcrete Inspection. The caveat to obtaining certification in Concrete Construction Inspection and Shotcrete Inspection is that a pre-requisite includes becoming a certified ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I. The American Concrete Institute provides all information on the scope of knowledge and experience required to obtain certification in these programs. Additionally, the requirements for these certifications are feasible for EVstudio Field Inspectors to achieve.

Expanding knowledge and skills is important in any industry but doing so as an inspector in the construction industry is a must, so that all aspects of the construction process can be monitored and quality workmanship assured. Click here to find out more about our inspections team does.


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