Project Spotlight: The Wild Game & Rendezvous Tap Room

by Macy Andre October 12, 2017
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Throw Back Thursday- Putting the Wild back into gaming   The term “renovation” can be daunting, but when it comes to this movie theater-turned entertainment nook, you can see how successful a completely renovated interior can turn out. The Wild Game, located in Evergreen, CO […]

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Change of Use May Require a Structural Engineer

by Sean O'Hara August 25, 2017

When the use of a building changes from one occupancy to another, say a store to a restaurant, you certainly need an architect to help you. The architect deals with exiting, fixture counts, layout issues and provides the stamped plans that you’ll need for the […]

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How to Start Rebuilding When Fire Strikes

by Dean Dalvit May 15, 2017
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When massive forest fires make the national news, it is unsettling. When the fire is in your community, it is frightening and when you or your property is directly affected by the fire, it is devastating. The recent fires in Conifer have reminded us of […]

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Modified Rafter and Ceiling Joists for a Remodel Makes a Huge Difference

by Jim Houlette May 15, 2017

EVstudio provided Structural Engineering services for a recent remodel in south Denver.  This remodel involved modifying the existing rafters and flat ceiling joists to have a new vaulted ceiling.  The existing rafters were left in place and reinforced using collar ties.  Once the collar ties […]

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You Want to Remove a Load Bearing Wall?

by Jim Houlette May 15, 2017
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One of the most common phone calls we receive is “We want to remove a wall, we’re not sure if it’s load bearing.  Can you help?” We are happy to help! The first thing that is needed is an observation.  Our structural engineers can determine […]

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Include an Exterior Door in Your Addition

by Sean O'Hara January 6, 2017

Last fall, my wife and I designed an addition to our home. It was a fairly straightforward addition with only a couple areas inside the house being remodeled to accommodate it. To save money and hassle we wanted to be able to live in the […]

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Insulating Structures to Meet Current Code Requirements

by Maciek Gesikowski June 10, 2016
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Progression in building technology and more stringent energy code standards are inevitable as our society moves forward.  In addition, current energy costs may steadily increase in the future as alternative energy sources will take time to do develop.  With cost in mind, making buildings more […]

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Sometimes Architects Still Sketch

by EVstudio AEP June 10, 2016
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In an age when computers have taken over our lives I still like to do things by hand. Particularly in the early stages. Computers are great, don’t get me wrong, but a huge benefit in working more closely with your hands is that the ideas […]

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Matching Old Paint Isn’t Easy

by Sean O'Hara May 20, 2016

I’ve done a couple remodeling jobs lately on my own house and a rental house that we have. In both cases I knew exactly the color and luster of the paint but it is impossible to get the colors to match when you put them […]

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Phase Change Materials

by EVstudio AEP May 5, 2016

Anyone who lives in the Denver area is familiar with the large difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. Designing a home with proper solar orientation and thermal mass can help protect the interior of a home from these severe swings. In the summer thermal mass […]

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Can I Re-Use My Existing Building?

by EVstudio AEP April 22, 2016

With the increased demand for a more sustainable way to use buildings, adaptive reuse of existing buildings has become a viable economic solution. Adaptive reuse consists of improving, remodeling, and adding to an existing structure for either different or more extensive spatial requirements. The first […]

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Does Jeffco Have a 50% Area Rule for Remodeled Homes?

by Kacy Landsittel April 11, 2016

Recently and in past years, at EVstudio we’ve heard rumors that Jefferson County, Colorado has a rule stating that if remodel work exceeds 50% of the total square footage then the entire home has to be brought up to code. So to clear the air […]

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