What is your architectural style?

by Sean O'Hara March 27, 2018

When I speak with potential clients, this is one of the first questions that I’m often asked. They want to know what style and design tastes I’ll bring to their project. The simple answer is that I will design the style based on the preferences […]

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Santa Fe Style Home with Walkout Floor Plan

by Sean O'Hara November 29, 2017
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At EVstudio, not only do we design a variety of custom house sizes, we also design in a number of styles. I’ve noticed that the readers really like floor plans, so here is one from a Santa Fe Style Home that we did. It has […]

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When Styles Clash – Interior Design with Your Spouse

by EVstudio AEP June 10, 2016
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Something I hear very often from women is that they have such different taste in furniture and décor than their husbands. It usually goes something like this: “I want to decorate our living room in pastels and maple wood, but my husband who usually doesn’t […]

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EVstudio Designs in All Styles

by Dean Dalvit March 2, 2016
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Clients often ask in initial interviews, “What Style do you design in?”. While it is true that some design firms may hold to a specific design style, like the Prairie Style of Frank Lloyd Wright or perhaps more regional vernaculars like a Mediterranean style inspired […]

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The Importance of Travel for an Architect

by EVstudio AEP September 4, 2015
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Architecture is a risky profession.  If one lands onto the design end of the playing field, pitfalls can include tight budgets, inexperienced clients, zoning constraints, neighborhood committees and an endless list of other challenges.  None greater, however, than the idea of style.  Style is word […]

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Mediterranean Style Homes

by evstudio June 20, 2012

As a first disclaimer, a ‘Mediterranean’ style house is bound to be a mishmash of a number styles and customs across an entire region of countries – the Mediterranean is a large body of water.  There are several characteristics that apply across the board that can […]

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Santa Fe Style House Plan

by Sean O'Hara May 25, 2011

This Santa Fe style house plan is currently beginning construction in the foothills of Colorado. Its roughly 2,200 sf on the main level with a basement and an oversized garage. It is a custom house for a custom site that was very restrained with setbacks […]

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