Construction Costs for a Climbing Gym in Colorado

by Dean Dalvit August 13, 2018
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I was recently asked about the construction costs for a Climbing Gym in Colorado. Below is the transaction: Hi, I was just curious what it would cost to build a 18,000 sq feet building at roughly 50 feet high. It’s for a rock climbing gym […]

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IBC Openness Requirement for Mezzanines

by Sean O'Hara February 14, 2018

EVstudio has designed a number of storage mezzanine projects  in existing warehouses, and it is important to remember the requirements for openness set forth in the IBC. Mezzanines must conform to the requirements for Openness in Section 505.2 of the 2009 IBC.   Mezzanines need to […]

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EVstudio Providing Design Support for Porta Power

by Jim Houlette January 20, 2011

An example of EVstudio’s wide range of project types and willingness to support clients is our design assistance for storage racks in warehouses.  EVstudio has been working with Porta Power to help design rack layouts for warehouses.  Porta Power will help the client determine the […]

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