10 Customization Tips to Consider During Design

When building your home there are many details to go over and the list can get overwhelming. Here is a list of 10 things to consider to make living in your home easier and more enjoyable:

1. Decide where you want your bathroom accessories (i.e. toilet paper holder, towel bar, hooks) to go and have your framer put blocking in those locations. That way when you go to hang your accessories, you have the support you need.

2. On the same note, add additional support near window corners for window treatments.

3. Consider where you will want your electric outlets to be located. Do you have a great room with a couch floating in the middle of the room? Will you want any lamps on your side tables? Floor outlets are a great way to eliminate exposed cords running back to the wall outlets.

4. Consider adding niches into interior walls to use the space between the studs and add storage.

5. Add electrical outlets to the exterior of your house with a switch located inside to control your Christmas lights without having to brave the weather.

6. If adding an alarm system, consider the location of the terminals near the front door, garage door, and master bedroom. This way it is easy to turn on and off when going to and from your house as well as ensure your kids are not sneaking out at night.

7. Work with your mechanical engineer to locate all vents. This will help to avoid placing furniture directly on top of your sources of heating and cooling.

8. Give yourself the option of future appliance changes by running both electric and gas to your stove/oven.

9. If your design includes a fire pit, set it up for propane use. Many counties implement different levels of fire bans during the summer which don’t include propane use.

10. Lastly, since about 60% of homeowners in the Denver area have a pet, consider your pet’s needs. For instance, adding a dog shower to your utility/mudroom could save your floors from muddy paw prints.


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