Day: April 22, 2016


EVstudio has chosen to be a firm without draftspeople (the politically correct version of draftsmen). We have found that there really isn’t a roll for someone who is purely drafting a project, instead at each step you need someone who is drafting but also designing and thinking through the sections and details. As a result …

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Can I Re-Use My Existing Building?

With the increased demand for a more sustainable way to use buildings, adaptive reuse of existing buildings has become a viable economic solution. Adaptive reuse consists of improving, remodeling, and adding to an existing structure for either different or more extensive spatial requirements. The first step in deciding whether or not your building is a …

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The Rocky Mountain Land Library

Nestled in a mountain valley on Colorado Hwy 9, alongside the snaking South Platte River, sits Buffalo Peaks Ranch. Until 2015, the ranch sat dormant for nearly twenty years. The ranch is everything you could hope for in a perfectly-aged, history-drenched mountain property — it embodies all the magic of nature, broken down barns, sunny front …

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