EVstudio has chosen to be a firm without draftspeople (the politically correct version of draftsmen). We have found that there really isn’t a roll for someone who is purely drafting a project, instead at each step you need someone who is drafting but also designing and thinking through the sections and details. As a result we hire project designers who work with the principals and architects throughout the project. Each project designer has a college degree in architecture and experience working with at least one other firm. They have been chosen to bring a smart mix of design and technical skill to each project.

In addition, the firm principals are capable draftsmen and the designers of EVstudio’s CAD standards. This aids the firm in flexibility, but it also means that the principals are much more capable of gauging how long tasks will take and knowing what the software is capable of.


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2 thoughts on “Draftspeople”

  1. Angela, I’d be happy to help you find the right way to get your project designed. The big question is your location. Each municipality has its own requirements and you’ll need to understand those to determine what sort of professional you need.

    Something that we are pretty adamant in the post about is finding a trained architect to work with. Architects are affordable for small projects and you will get a better product that you would get from an unlicensed designer or an intern.

    In addition, for most municipalities you’ll need the stamp of an architect or engineer on the structural sheets. So if you’re going to hire an engineer and a draftsperson, you might as well hire a highly trained licensed architect for the same cost.

    Feel free to email me more information and I’ll help you out. Thanks.

  2. I am trying to find a draftperson, who can design me a small, simple wooden house with a loft. My house will be approximately 900 square feet or less. I would like a small foyer,living room, kitchen/dining room, a bathroom with two bedrooms on the first floor and a small loft for a small bedroom and a half bath. All plumbing on the same wall and the bedrooms designed on the right side of the house for due to road safety. Please put me in contact with a home designer, intern architect, or building professional.

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